25 SEO questions to ask yourself before you publish another article.

09 january 2017, 23:07

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Jaroslav Голубев10 Cool to get a lot of traffic to a website from social networks and bookmarks, but it turns out that the main source of visitors for many of us this search engine. Therefore it is better to be friends with Yandex and Google to your articles continued to gain new views even when the publication date passed month year century. How do you know that your page meets all the requirements of SEO All you need to do is to ask yourself 25 simple questions Here are the key questions that relate to work with keywords 1. Search keywords. You spend time finding keywords find Out what search phrases are popular in your niche and which of them are relevant articles that you write now If not here is an article which will tell you how to collect keywords. 2. The Tag Title. You use keywords in the Title the article Title must be attractive and contain phrases that people are searching for in the search.. 3. Do you use headers lth1gt lth2gt, etc. And you use keywords Words in H tags, the search engines give more weight. Moreover the beautiful design of the text and the use of headings enhances readability. 4. Re-optimization. You use excessive number of keywords on their pages If Yes then your blog most likely is not very well ranked in the search results. If you're writing for people your position will certainly improve. Where is the line optimization and re-optimization 5. Related words. Do you use additional keywords associated with key phrases the Search robot draws attention to the existence of synonyms to better understand what the article. Where it looks reasonable to use low-frequency queries not forgetting that you write for people. 6. The first 100 words. You specify keywords in the first hundred words of the Search algorithms give more weight to words which are used in the beginning of the article. Links is an easy way to transfer the weight c of one article to another. A simple internal link can greatly affect the ranking of the article. Questions about references 7. Linking. Do you put links to other relevant blog articles With the help of this you can increase traffic to your old articles. 8. The old articles. You put on old articles links leading to new articles, Try to do it every month. Older articles have more credibility and can pass it on to the new articles. Use linking it where it looks natural. 9. The anchor-text. Not too much if you are using keywords for internal linking this Usually leads to a drop in search results. Make sure that the anchor texts of internal links created primarily for people. What is the link anchor text. 10. New tab. If the internal links to other

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