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09 january 2017, 23:12

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I am a SEO specialist with 7 years of experience working in one of the largest Internet agencies of St. Petersburg. Perhaps some do not know but the SEOs is not the one who unloaded the semantic core of wordstat loaded in the reference aggregator and raised the site to the top. Work on website promotion is about 40-50% of time on internal website optimization. SEO programmer relatively new and rare title field. Yandex.Work found only 12 vacancies throughout Russia, of hundreds of thousands of others. Usually a programming seo task is either the SEOs or writes the assignment to the ordinary programmer. But then there are some problems seo-specialist or a programmer with the initial level of knowledge, or if a third-party programmer does not understand the meaning of the problem and the basics of search engine algorithms makes the task is not correct or slow because of the time spent on understanding or optimal code or refuses to perform the task. For large projects with tens of thousands of pages and the same daily attendance is required the automation of the website. To clarify what I'm talking about the tasks which are aimed at improving the site for visitors and help search engines to index the website. I am against black or gray methods of promotion. It's always more fun to make really useful site to refer about it will speak it will come back. Why you need to try to control search engine spiders after all, they do website will pass and scan texts Always need to remember that the search engine is big and slow mechanism where many processes go on for months and if it is not properly controlled and the site will also slow to its customers. In the meantime, we will overtake competitors. The objective of any business to make a profit and in the shortest possible time. The client need now and not a year. And you need a lot rather than one per month. Here are some typical examples of seo tasks Options to solve the problem. At seo specialist can be several projects simultaneously even within the same companies not to mention agencies and if he leaves for a month in the development of a module that will sink the rest of the projects. Therefore, this path is not optimal. The second option is writing documentation for the average programmer. But very soon the time will come for questions and what is bhrama Like to be compared to shingles On what algorithm does the technology SEO the Hide Then have to talk about matriksnet algorithm ВМ25 how to calculate Page Rank of the pages, how to generate text which will not samnam and much more. If you don't tell then usually do not achieve quality results. Hence, the market appears question. How to optimize optimization is not at the expense of time-consuming

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