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09 january 2017, 23:10

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We have previously established auxiliary plug-ins for the records and set up our project to write has been optimized for search engines but not enough. The main criterion for the success of your project will be unique content and the right to publish all the actions done above is only an auxiliary and automatiseret part of the publishing process. Please pay special attention to this issue. For the publication of the records we have already installed the Yoast SEO plugin which our editor records new block where we can edit the various attributes and parameters for search engines titles description and key words. Previously I published a test post on your site with a review of Fuel Shark order to test the export entries from the blog in the social network let us now optimize this entry using our plugin and figure out how to do publications. To edit previously published posts, go to the menu Entry section, All the entries find the previously created test record and edit it. As mentioned above the title of our record primary key query in which we will promote this page it should be added, and in the reference recording and earlier we've installed the plugin which handles the links in Cyrillic and Latin so we can safely write the link to the Russian language, the plugin itself will handle the words and fills in the necessary values of the transliteration. After saving the changes the link is automatically dressed in the required form It is worth noting that a good tone will be the dilution of title otherwise, great chance to pereaminirovanii page Now go to the editor window, Yoast SEO plugin which allows you to further edit the film for optimization. Here we need to specify the keyword query in which we want to promote the page and a description of the key request in the META keywords. Usually the META info is generated automatically from a template but if to do by hand and write it for people and not just a comma to insert related key you are risking the filters and pereaminirovanii page and manual optimization will give you priority over sites that form the META automatically. You could see a green yellow red or gray indicator page optimization. The plugin itself will tell you how well you have optimized the page and what else you can do for better optimization, but it is not necessary fanaticism to follow all the points since unnecessary re-optimization can affect otherwise reduce the position of the site. Focused primarily on people who read your record and then on the search engines and will find your balance. In this window you can

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