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09 january 2017, 23:11

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You have just made a website on Wix Congratulations and welcome to the club whose members promote their own business independently. Friends and acquaintances are certainly advised you not to do it but you did a great job and proved that you can do anything It's amazing people often doubt our success, but only until we can prove them wrong. I remember when we had just launched the constructor in which everyone can create a website without knowing how to program a doubted thought that it's too good to be true. We now have over 66 million users but skeptics still missing. Most often, misunderstanding of questions related to search engine optimization. Sometimes we are asked how do homemade site can appear in search results. But we know what Wix users happy with the platform and SEO capabilities so I want to dispel popular misconceptions and to explain how we all work. 1. The myth of the Wix platform is not suitable for SEO When it comes to optimizing the search engines like Google or Yandex do not care what made your website. If the resource is properly optimized it will appear on the first page of issue and will not be anything different from a site made by a real programmer. Anyone who wants to understand this issue and fill knowledge gaps you can read the section All about SEO in our blog. 2. The myth of online stores Wix is impossible to optimize card products I hasten to please you for the description of goods in the store we are adding markup schema.org and use attributes such as price, availability name, etc do not need to worry you are in safe hands. 3. The myth of long URLS and hashbang bad for SEO The URL of your website is only a small part of content which does not affect its position in search engines. Amazon and Ebay assign long web addresses to their pages but they still occupy the first place in search results so do not worry and remember that the length of the URL doesn't affect SEO. 4. The myth of the Javascript which made Wix website hurting SEO Websites Wix is much more complicated than it seems. For simple editor hides a complex infrastructure, thanks to which everything works fine. We do use a technique called Ajax Crawling. If you briefly what the gist of it is that the website has a copy of the so-called mirror. While users enjoy a convenient and modern interface of the original version, the search engine crawlers read the mirror and find there all the necessary information required for promotion in Google and Yandex. 5. Myth sites are made by programmers better than sites made with Wix We have already said that search engines do not care what

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