SEO - optimization and promotion of website in search engines.

09 january 2017, 23:10

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SEO - optimization and promotion of website in search engines. The goal of website optimization is to increase its position in search results for key queries, and thus attract the greatest number of interested users from search engines. SEO includes a complex of measures for adjusting of the content and HTML code of the website as well as advertising resource and dissemination of information about it by using link exchange partners registration site in directories etc. Code swapping swapping black optimization method consisting in replacing the contents of a page once it was indexed and ranked higher position in the search engine rankings. For the use of a swap site is excluded from the database search engine. Splash-splash is the kind of advertising media in the Internet advertising splash on the entire screen which is loaded instead of the main page requested by the user of the website even though it contains a link by which you can navigate to the desired resource. If the user's browser is enabled for cookies save when re-entering the site splash screen will not appear. Splash splash cause great irritation and now hardly used. SPAM is Spam - the mass sending of e-mail mostly advertising without permission from the addressees. Sending spam is prohibited by the terms of most providers and in violation of the website from which the sent out spam usually disabled. Spam should be distinguished from mailings of direct-mail are a legitimate method of disseminating information to users. Unlike spam distribution have the following characteristics - The user has subscribed to receive the newsletter - The user may at any time opt-out from receiving newsletters - In the text of each email contains the contact details of the author of the distribution - The distribution is made with genuine valid email addresses. SERP - SERP is also search Results. Page output from the search engine in response to a user request and contains a set of references to Internet pages relevant according to the algorithm of the search car of a given query is relevant to him. English script script. A small program running on the server side and are written in a special scripting language php scripts, perl scripts, etc., or in the user's browser, JavaScript, etc. Is used to perform complicated actions which are not performed regular web server or browser. Spider - is a program that downloads web pages in the same way as the user's browser. The difference is that the browser displays information contained in the page text graphics etc. a spider has no any visual

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