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09 january 2017, 23:11

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The fine workmanship on website promotion in search engines To place your link for free not only for personal profiles after registration on some sites. This can be done also in groups and public pages in the social network Vkontakte. Links are placed on the wall with the records. Here are just some of the groups where the user can write a message on the wall is not always easy. Therefore, we offer you a list of public servers where can you put a link to your website for free. The base was assembled at the request of SEO. Now the database 424 of the group and public starnicy where the walls are open for comment and publish their materials. The number of participants This list consists of 6 columns. The first column is a unique ID of the second community name in it just the word SEO the third type are in addition to three pages, and meetings of other groups, the fourth column short address fifth the number of participants and sixth column check for possible publication on the wall of their records all of the community allow the publication. Download base groups with open walls for free. The group disappeared from the search query in the search engines Sports nutrition Vladimir ggggooonnna Your e-mail will not be published. Required fields are marked Review Name E-mail The website Alert me about new comments through Email Join Read Base bailiffs to verify the debt Yoast SEO and web page optimization SEO-Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress Setting Latin and Cyrillic URL in WordPress The website of the bailiffs to verify the debt Where to place the link to the website Update in the search engine Yandex Trust is the base 2014 © Saitoseoteka about sites and seo 2012-2014. Help the information.

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