Today we will continue the topic of copywriting and talk about what SEO-text how to write that PR

09 january 2017, 23:11

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Today we will continue the topic of copywriting and talk about what SEO-text how to write what is a SEO-optimized text. Today SEO copywriting writing SEO-texts in great demand is highly regarded so the topic should be interesting for site owners wanting to fill them with quality articles with the purpose of search engine marketing and copywriters to execute the orders and those who want to write expensive articles and increase revenue. Surely all who're interested in earning money on websites or doing copywriting for repeatedly faced with the concept of SEO in recent years it has just flooded the Internet. What do these 3 letters SEO is an acronym for the words Search Engine Optimization which means search engine optimization. All webmasters site owners in varying degrees doing SEO promote your resources in search engines to increase their attendance and as a consequence your income. Only someone who does this more competently someone less and someone not only hurts the site by your wrong actions. The concept of SEO is very broad and includes many aspects. Today I will consider only one direction of writing SEO-texts and SEO-copywriting. So what is SEO text Is the text properly optimized not only for humans to read but also for the perception of search engines with the goal of getting into TOP of search results. SEO-copywriting is the process of writing SEO-texts. I note that on the contact page at the TOP of search results affects not only directly the text that it contains but also many other factors. However, the article itself is one of the main factors affecting search ranking that's why SEO-texts and SEO-copywriting for paying much attention to. How to see examples of SEO-texts it is very simple enter in the search engine you are interested in any query and open the first few pages in search results this will be SEO-texts. Largely thanks to proper SEO optimization of text these pages are in the Top. If you reached this page via some kind of query from a search engine then you are also well-composed SEO-text. To write SEO text, you must know the main factors of ranking articles in search engines. However, the problem is that search engines themselves keep them in strict secrecy describing the priorities only in General terms. This is logical because if everyone know exactly how articles are ranked in the search they will just fit under these parameters. Therefore, all the factors of ranking text in search engines obtained through analysis of publicly available information experience of the webmaster and are

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