What is SEO and what are its basic principles

09 january 2017, 23:10

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Currently, the Internet is becoming more common. Simultaneously with the development of the Internet develops and Internetbusiness. As with any new direction in business and in the sphere of high technologies it requires its specific tools and methods. One of these tools and quite effective is SEO. Thanks to SEO you can provide effective website promotion effective promotion and high results in search engine rankings. So let's define SEO for this magical tool, Web master and Internet entrepreneur. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that is literally search engine optimization. Thus SEO is a special system of measures aimed at improving the position of website in the list of search engines. The importance of high results are obvious. Most users switch to their interested resources from the pages of the search engines. Therefore SEO helps to increase the flow of visitors to your website and then Nooptimization main task is to increase traffic of these visitors. In the case of search engine optimization it is important to keep several things in mind and try to stick to some key principles. In determining relevance, i.e. conformity of the text of a page search issue takes into account the first keyword density and secondly the number of citations depending on how often your website is referenced and who it refers to. So it is important not to overuse keywords too many of them they are simply ignored to share links to fill the website with unique and quality text to constantly learn new things and not standing still. SEO can be divided into white, grey and black optimization. Conventionally, because each search engine has its rules and each search engine a set of restrictions on search engine optimization techniques. WHITE SEO website promotion naturally quality content optimization navigation link exchange publish reviews and other prohibited methods of promotion and promotion. GREY SEO the use is not prohibited ways of promotion which, however, are detrimental to the readability of pages for example the abundance of keywords or simply can lead to blocking of the site by the decision of experts catering to search engines. BLACK SEO forbidden methods of promotion and promotion. For example the use of double pages, the search robot is one and the user is completely different. Or use doorway sites or pages specially sharpened under search robots. Black optimization can cause high results but this phenomenon is temporary and very negative

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