What is SEO text and how to write it

09 january 2017, 23:10

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Hello everyone Today we have a very important theme that is SEO text. How to write optimized text that he is progressing well in the search engines. The rules quite a lot but if you accustom yourself to them, then after a while you stop to ponder the question how to write SEO text. Everything will happen by itself and the article will become natural. That SEO text is distinguished from the ordinary Optimized text written under a search query which must subsequently move to the top of search results. It is implied that people on this query should find this page of the site. Such a search query is called a keyword. All the keywords of the site form its semantic core. So before you start writing your article, you should choose a key Savelovskaya under which it will be sharpened. It is very important to make the right choice. This will help you knowledge of the types of search queries. In addition, a mandatory application of the tools to obtain statistics on the frequency and competition of keywords Once a keyword is chosen, you can begin writing the article. You must start with the proper formation of the page header title and meta tags keywords and description. This subject I have devoted a separate article because it is quite large and very important. Next, consider the structure of the article to break it into subparagraphs, each of which could be titled using the headings h1-h6. Page the site is comparable with the book as in any book at each Chapter heading and subheadings. Html uses six heading levels h1 to h6. Generation rules header On my blog I only use headers h1-h3 levels less cycles. The variety and ease of perception. Try to vary your content with images and videos present information in the form of list or tables. Search engines really like these lyrics especially Google. The article should be convenient for human perception. Pick the font so it doesn't hurt my eyes or not blended with the background color. Information should not go sploshnyakom wisely or abuse it to the paragraphs in turn combine paragraphs into sections with relevant headings. Don't do that to some of the content was hidden by default and visible only when you click on a particular link. Search engines may perceive this as a black SEO and the desire to hide from the user the information. Pictures. Pictures play a very important role. They allow you to diversify the content on the page and in the title and alt attribute can and should use keywords. In addition, keywords can be used in the file name. It should be meaningful and written in the Latin alphabet. Tags

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